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Welcome to the EACS Guidelines!

These Guidelines were developed by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS), a not-for-profit organisation, whose mission is to promote excellence in standards of care, research and education in HIV infection and related co-infections, and to actively engage in the formulation of public health policy, with the aim of reducing the HIV disease burden across Europe.

The EACS Guidelines were first published in 2005, and are currently available in print, online as a pdf and web-based version, and as a free App for both iOS and Android devices. The Guidelines are translated into several different languages and are formally revised at least annually for the electronic version and biennially for the printed version. The electronic version can, however, be updated at any time if the panels consider it necessary.

The aim of the EACS Guidelines is to provide easily accessible and comprehensive recommendations to clinicians involved in the care of people living with HIV (PLWH).

The EACS Guidelines cover a relatively large and diverse area geographically, with different national levels of access to care. As a natural consequence, the Guidelines aim to cover a relatively wide range of recommendations as opposed to the often more uniform national guidelines.

The 2020 version of the Guidelines includes minor updates of all sections. The most essential changes are listed in the Summary of Changes from v10.0 to v 10.1.

Each respective section of the Guidelines is managed by a panel of experienced European HIV experts, with additional experts in other fields of expertise included where necessary. All recommendations are evidence-based whenever possible and based on expert opinions in the rare instances where adequate evidence is unavailable. The Guidelines do not provide formal grades of evidence, panels make decisions by consensus or by vote when necessary and we do not publish results of the votes or discrepancies if any occur.

The EACS Guidelines panels are overseen by a Guidelines Chair who serves a three-year term and is elected from the Governing Board. Each panel is led by a Panel Chair, supported by a Vice-Chair and a Young Scientist. The Co-Chair will take over the role of Chair after the Chair’s term expires. Panel membership is reviewed annually and rotation is overseen by the Panel Leads and Guidelines Chair according to a standard operating procedure. Operational matters of the EACS Guidelines are led by a Coordinator in the Medical Secretariat, supported by the EACS Secretariat.

A list of the main references used to produce the Guidelines is provided as a separate section, see References. Please reference the EACS Guidelines as follows: EACS Guidelines version 10.1, October 2020. Video links to the EACS online course on Clinical Management of HIV are provided throughout the Guidelines, see Video links.

The diagnosis and management of HIV infection and related co-infections, opportunistic diseases and co-morbidities continue to require a multidisciplinary effort for which we hope the 2020 version of the EACS Guidelines will provide you with an easily accessible and updated overview.

All comments to the Guidelines are welcome and can be directed to guidelines@eacsociety.org

We wish to warmly thank all panelists, external experts, linguists, translators, the EACS Secretariat, the Sanford team and everyone else who helped to build up and to publish the EACS Guidelines for their dedicated work.


Georg Behrens and Lene Ryom

October 2020

Medical Secretariat

The EACS Medical Secretariat is responsible for the coordination and update of the EACS Guidelines based on the recommendations from the five EACS panels.

Guidelines Chair: Georg Behrens - Hannover, Germany

Guidelines Coordinator: Lene Ryom - Copenhagen, Denmark

Panel Members

HIV Treatment

Chair: José Arribas - Madrid, Spain
Vice-Chair: Jean-Michel Molina - Paris, France
Young scientist: Rosa De Miguel Buckley - Madrid, Spain
Antonella d’Arminio Monforte - Milan, Italy
Manuel Battegay - Basel, Switzerland
Margherita Bracchi - London, United Kingdom
Nikos Dedes - Athens, Greece
Andrzej Horban - Warsaw, Poland
Christine Katlama - Paris, France
Inga Latysheva - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Jens D. Lundgren - Copenhagen, Denmark
Sheena McCormack - London, United Kingdom
Cristina Mussini - Modena, Italy
Anton Pozniak - London, United Kingdom
Federico Pulido - Madrid, Spain
François Raffi - Nantes, France
Peter Reiss - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink - Hamburg, Germany
Marta Vasylyev - Lviv, Ukraine

Drug-drug interactions

Chair: Catia Marzolini - Basel, Switzerland
Vice-Chair: Giovanni Guaraldi - Modena, Italy
Sara Gibbons - Liverpool, United Kingdom
Françoise Livio - Lausanne, Switzerland


Chair: Patrick Mallon - Dublin, Ireland
Vice-Chair: Alan Winston - London, United Kingdom
Young scientist: Aoife Cotter - Dublin, Ireland
Manuel Battegay - Basel, Switzerland
Georg Behrens - Hannover, Germany
Mark Bower - London, United Kingdom
Paola Cinque - Milan, Italy
Simon Collins - London, United Kingdom
Juliet Compston - Cambridge, United Kingdom
Stéphane De Wit - Brussels, Belgium
Leonardo M. Fabbri - Modena, Italy
Christoph A. Fux - Aarau, Switzerland
Magnus Gisslen - Gothenburg, Sweden
Giovanni Guaraldi - Modena, Italy
Justyna D. Kowalska - Warsaw, Poland
Jens D. Lundgren - Copenhagen, Denmark
Esteban Martínez - Barcelona, Spain
Catia Marzolini - Basel, Switzerland
José M. Miro - Barcelona, Spain
Eugenia Negredo - Barcelona, Spain
Neil Poulter - London, United Kingdom
Peter Reiss - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lene Ryom - Copenhagen, Denmark
Giada Sebastiani - Montreal, Canada

Viral Hepatitis Co-infections

Chair: Andri Rauch - Bern, Switzerland
Vice-Chair: Christoph Boesecke - Bonn, Germany
Young scientist: Charles Béguelin - Bern, Switzerland
Juan Berenguer - Madrid,Spain
Sanjay Bhagani - London, United Kingdom
Raffaele Bruno - Pavia, Italy
Svilen Konov - London, United Kingdom
Karine Lacombe - Paris, France
Stefan Mauss - Düsseldorf, Germany
Luís Mendão - Lisbon, Portugal
Lars Peters - Copenhagen, Denmark
Massimo Puoti - Milan, Italy
Jürgen K. Rockstroh - Bonn, Germany

Opportunistic Infections

Chair: Ole Kirk - Copenhagen, Denmark
Vice-Chair: Paola Cinque - Milan, Italy
Young scientist: Daria Podlekareva - Copenhagen, Denmark
Juan Ambrosioni - Barcelona, Spain
Nathalie De Castro - Paris, France
Gerd Fätkenheuer - Cologne, Germany
Hansjakob Furrer - Bern, Switzerland
José M. Miro - Barcelona, Spain
Cristiana Oprea - Bucharest, Romania
Anton Pozniak - London, United Kingdom
Alain Volny-Anne - Paris, France

Wave representative:
Justyna D. Kowalska - Warsaw, Poland

Governing Board Members

Jürgen K. Rockstroh (President) - Bonn, Germany
Sanjay Bhagani (Vice-President) - London, United Kingdom
Ann Sullivan (Secretary) - London, United Kingdom
Esteban Martínez (Treasurer) - Barcelona, Spain
Fiona Mulcahy (Immediate Past President) - Dublin, Ireland
Antonella d'Arminio Monforte - Milan, Italy
Manuel Battegay - Basel, Switzerland
Georg Behrens - Hannover, Germany
Christine Katlama - Paris, France
Jens D. Lundgren - Copenhagen, Denmark
Cristina Mussini - Modena, Italy
Cristiana Oprea - Bucharest, Romania
Anton Pozniak - London, United Kingdom
Peter Reiss - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Annemarie Wensing - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Conflicts of Interest

The panel members’ declarations of interest are available upon request.

EACS Office

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Tel +32 (0)2 316 1019